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Cukurova Irmik has started production in the year 2009, processing corn with 150 tons/day capacity. Our company is pursuing its investments, in direction with meeting the increasing demands due to the reference of being a quality product in the market.

The use of state-of-the-art machinery and technology in the plant which, in scope of automation, is directed fully under computer control, has brought with it high competitive rate as well as high quality, therefore the opportunity to render better service.

Established on an area of 13.000m2, Cukurova Irmik renders service with its 5 floor production area on 1.000m2, 2.000m2 closed area, management building and social areas in framework with work safety. Raw material input and finished product output is implemented fully through the computer system, and the capacity is maintained under continuous supervision by means of the yield control system.

Our company produces:
KAR-POL Corn semolina
KAR-POL Corn flour
KAR-POL Corn starch
KAR-POL Corn bran
KAR-POL Corn oil

Operating on full capacity, in Cukurova Irmik, the quality controls of products in are carried out in modern laboratories before they are put to the market. Having adapted it as a principle from the day it started operation to realize quality and safe production in conformity with the food regulations, our company has put its marketing and transportation units to service in framework with the same principle.

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