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I have my own flour factory. It is our grandfather profession, SINCE 1973 we have dealed with wheat flour production, Our factory is in Izmir and our office is in Istanbul TURKEY, We export our products to many countries. Our products are; Wheat flour,Bread flour,Durum wheat flour,Boreks flour,Baklava flour, Tandir wheat flour,Bazlama wheat flour,Whole wheat flour,Special purpose flour, Flat bread flour,Lavaslik flour, Rye flour,Wholemeal bread flour,Semolina, many kinds of Pasta,Corn flakes,Coco pops,Cereal muesli,Gluten,Enzyme, Flour additives for bakers,Bread additivies,all kinds of bread additivies for bakers, all types of additivies for flour mills.
Bagislar Flour Company is in the business since 1960. Through the years Bagislar Flour upgraded the facilty with the latest technology and still continues to use most advenced milling technologhy available. As a family business, Bagislar Flour Company always known for their honesty and fairness. This attitude in the industry is one of many reasons why Bagislar Flour Company is now in the leader league of Turkish flour business. Our goal is serving all the cultures in the World hence becoming well known flour company for all the quality flour users around the world.
We have been manufacturing herbal products in Turkey as a BEYAZLAR Group Company, Consisting of two brands Mindivan and Photoflor since 20 years. We have two separate production facilities, including herbal and cosmetic products, with a rich product range. In our own in-house microbiology laboratory, we make analysis with high technology and qualified personnel. Our company has chosen to serve as a principle to provice in new, traceable and best products with continuous R & D activities. Exporting to Europe from Asia; Our company Whites Group has ISO 22000: 2005, 14001: 2015, OHSAS 18001: 2007, ISO 9001: 2015 and GMP certificates, meets with consumers high quality products Approximately two in every minute.
Cukurova Irmik has started production in the year 2009, processing corn with 150 tons/day capacity. Our company is pursuing its investments, in direction with meeting the increasing demands due to the reference of being a quality product in the market.

The use of state-of-the-art machinery and technology in the plant which, in scope of automation, is directed fully under computer control, has brought with it high competitive rate as well as high quality, therefore the opportunity to render better service.

Established on an area of 13.000m2, Cukurova Irmik renders service with its 5 floor production area on 1.000m2, 2.000m2 closed area, management building and social areas in framework with work safety. Raw material input and finished product output is implemented fully through the computer system, and the capacity is maintained under continuous supervision by means of the yield control system.

Our company produces:
KAR-POL Corn semolina
KAR-POL Corn flour
KAR-POL Corn starch
KAR-POL Corn bran
KAR-POL Corn oil

Operating on full capacity, in Cukurova Irmik, the quality controls of products in are carried out in modern laboratories before they are put to the market. Having adapted it as a principle from the day it started operation to realize quality and safe production in conformity with the food regulations, our company has put its marketing and transportation units to service in framework with the same principle.
Optinaturel/Pharmaceuticals Co. is a company that has International food production certificate by performing laboratory analysis at Internationally accredited laboratories in all parameters required for human health with different brands contained in the body of our company and registered NATURPY to allow our people to achieve more natural, healthier life standards with the principle of “Human first” by developing products proved to have natural benefits to the human health by scientists and numerous clinical studies performed nationally and internationally by taking opinions relating to content, form and effects of productsas a result of the researches of our academicians, doctors, pharmacists, biologists and chemists on the field of activity with the concept of “Natural Life, Healthy Life”. NATURPY will always maintain its innovative approach with the union of different experiences, ongoing patent processes and R&D studies.
In 1996, Our story started by adopting the principle of quality and service and taking our first step. With this first step, not only Samsun, the foundation of one of the largest flour mills in our country was being laid. Over the past 21 years, it has continued to output steadily, producing high-tech goods and services with world standards and becoming a giant in the world markets with these. As the second production facility in 2017, BASAK GIDA SAN.VE TIC. Inch. We have added speed to our activities in Tekirdag by adding our company to my world. While we are providing service for flour production, with good quality and service in domestic and international sales points and wide marketing network, in addition to that, we have established ATIMEKS IMPORT EXPORT company within PAKUN GRUP in 2009. Thus, we import premium quality wheat from the international market, as well as providing services to the other domestic manufacturers and re-export sales in foreign mills. With our brand , PAK FLOUR MILLS, we export to three continents ve more than 50 countries, such as United Arab Emirates, Lebanon,Sudan, Yemen, Angola,Benin, Sierra Leone, Madagascar, Togo, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Tanzania, Rwanda, Somalia, Djibouti, South Africa, Philippines,Myanmar,Singapore, United States, Venezuela, Maldives, Dominic Republic, Norway, etc. We ship containers in safe at our factory.
Our factory which was established at the end of the 1940s by Ozbil M.Rifki in the form of rock mill and oil mill, worked until 1958. On May 27, 1958 it was registered to the Chamber of Commerce with the number of M-23 and in the trade name of M.Rifki Ozbil – Nebati Oil and Flour Mills. Roller flour mill went into operation in 1960. In 1976, in the trade name of T.Nazmi Ozbil – Ozbil Flour Mills, the newly built flour mill was put into operation. On December 01, 1981 the trade name of the firm was changed to Ozbil Flour Industry and Trade Co. Our company has continued to operate since its first establishment, without any break. Due to the technological advancements, the appropriate changes and renovations have been made since then. In 2002, after the new wheat silos had been constructed, with the three vertical and five horizontal silos 7000 tons of wheat storage capacity has been reached. Production system has changed in 2004 and thus 180 tons / day crushing capacity of wheat has been reached. With the new flour silos built in 2006, the flour storage capacity has increased to 1300 tons. Our production plant has a daily capacity of 400 tons of flour packaging. The facility is built on 9 acres of land. Indoor area is close to 5000 square meters. Our facility, which has been maintaining the production of flour for more than 60 years without interruption, continues to operate with its third-generation managers.
Merveks with its skilled and specialized employees serves in the field of activity, since 1996, under a name of different companies, and since 2012, as an independent company. Merveks, by directing all its knowledge and experience in foreign trade area makes an effort to grant to you dear clients the true concept of sale and aftersales service.Merveks with its production and services in delivery quickly moves ahead on a way to become the most ambitious company in the field of foreign trade. This statement is proved by performance of orders at the most suitable prices and with the best quality, by in advance assumed measures foreseeing possible problems, and by quality of an aftersales service.
Company Brief : Selva Food Inc. was established in 1988 to produce wheat flour , as the first enterprise of Ittifak Holding. In 1998, Selva carried its experience into semolina and pasta production with the policy of no concessions from quality and flavor. Within the years, Selva is mentioned with innovations and firsts in its sector. Now Selva is greeting you with it’s new face while celebrating its 24th anniversary . Selva Semolina Mill . Selva Semolina Mill , which is located in Konya 2nd Organized Industry Zone , has a considerable position in its sector in terms of plant capacity and product quality . The plant has a milling capacity of 350 tonnes durum wheat a day . From raw material input to product output , all processes are carried out by means of a computerized system while the capacity and yield are being kept under control by monitoring weighers . The quality controls of end products are realized in modern laboratories just before they are put up for sale . Selva Pasta Plant : Selva pasta plant has a production capacity of average 210 tonnes a day is the most modern pasta plant in Turkey. The production Line of Selva , developed by one of the well known Italian pasta line producer , is entirely controlled via computer system . The quality controlls of the products are attentively realized in the high technologically equipped laboratories of Selva . ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 22000 Food Safety Systems attested by Institution which has international acceptability are being strictly implemented in Selva production plants . In the scope of ISO 9001 ve ISO 22000 systems hygien and sanitation conditions of manufacturing environment are strictly kept under control . Beside constituting a sanitation team in the factory we are using the service of a Professional Sanitation Company . Additionaly we are utilizing the service of an indepentent consultant to invastigate the sanitation Company . The hygiene and sanitation conditions of Selva Manufacturing Plant is controlled by monitoring system . Through HVAC system, dust from extern is never allowed in to manufacturing area through composing extra air pressure. Each Selva products manufactured with the greatest of care are being passed through the metal dedector and scaled each by each . Production & Expiry date, packaging time and first letters of name and family name of packaging operators are printed on each Selva pack . So product traceability is very easy. Each Selva staff is a guarantor of flavor, quality and esthetics. Why magic of Taste : Selva, produces the pasta from Amber Durum Wheat Semolina and pure water. The secret of amber color like gold and unique flavor is this combination ! Amber Durum Wheat is more rich about protein and Vitamin B than wheat for bread. Those two wheat are different from each other genetically. Amber Durum Wheat is famous in worldwide with its yellow color and feeding values. Selva is manufactured from Amber Durum Wheat Semolina and takes its delicious taste, feeding values and golden color from this. Selva, macaroni is produces with high temperature producing technology. The macaroni is dried at higher temperature than old technology so it cooks with more homogeny view, and never dispersed, stick and it stays lively when it cooks. Pasta production plant of Selva has flask building structure with special insulation, environment climate is kept under control by HVAC system ( Heating , Ventilating and airconditioning ) so that the same quality and same flavor can always be maintained in four seasons also .